The Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Nurses was founded in 1989 by a group committed to improving the educational opportunities for nurses caring for children with gastrointestinal disorders. With the generous support of the members of NASPGHAN (North American Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) the organization has grown from 25 to over 300 members representing nursing colleagues from the United States and Canada.

APGNN is the author of the Clinical Handbook of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Edited by Rosemary J. Young and Lisa Philichi and published by QMP in 2007.

APGNN and NASPGHAN are committed to improving the lives of children with GI and liver disease. APGNN is represented on NASPGHAN and CDHNF committees and is represented on the NASPGHAN Council by the President of APGNN.

APGNN has participated at the World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology held in Boston, 2000, Paris, 2004, Brazil 2008, Taipei 2012 and Montreal 2016, allowing members to connect with international colleagues as well.

APGNN welcomes new members and associate members. Please complete the membership form today.

To learn more about the organization, please review the PDF below to see the Presidents Annual Report to Membership October 2016. Included is the organizations strategic plan. As you will see, there are multiple opportunities for professional development and everyone is welcome to participate!



During this past year, our focus was on enhancing the membership experience. The below activities have supported these goals.

Redefining APGNN: As result of networking with other likeminded nursing organizations, we have become very active in the Nursing Organizations Alliance, a coalition of nursing organizations united to create a strong voice for nurses. Our president elect, Amy Donegan also attended the Alliance meeting in the Fall of 2016. We had the opportunity to learn a variety of strategies to engage our members more effectively, and also learned of many tools and resources to strengthen our organization.

Establishing APGNN Presence: Under my leadership, I worked alongside senior leaders of National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) to explore the possibility of our organization pursuing formal certification development for pediatric gastroenterology in the future. We have shifted focus from certification to competency creation and have started preliminary review of current resources to guide our next steps.

Strengthening relationships with NASPGAHN: I was very active in participation in my assigned NASPGHAN committees, and worked to ensure my members were also included and active as well. I certainly learned a lot and developed meaningful relationships through my participation on the NASPGHAN Foundation, including the production of an interactive constipation care package.

Membership Recruitment and Retention:

We have continued our NAPNAP partnership and dual membership program. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for ACPs who have a dual interest in Pediatrics and gastroenterology experience the best that both organizations offer at a reduced rate. I have worked with our Membership Chair, Bernadette Diez to reach out to new members personally and through renewal incentives and as a result have the highest documented membership in APGNN history. Our next 2 initiatives directed towards enhancing the member experience is the creation of a program to recognize our past presidents, and the idea of creating a formal mentor program, which is being spearheaded by our current President Elect, Amy Donegan.

Other activities this year included:

I coordinated the Board Retreat held in Charlotte Spring 2017 where the focus was on brainstorming the two major projects- Mentor Program and Competency Content Creation.

Our Research committee had lots of growth and improved participation in the past 2 years. They have collaborated with CPNP and PWG to create a formal Speakers bureau process and also collaborated on the ASPEN NOVEL Project.

Our Past President, Diane Kocovsky secured substantial funding from Mead Johnson, and I obtained much appreciated grants from Abbott Nutrition, Nestle health Science, and Prometheus for our Annual Meeting. Grant support is vital for the implementation of our annual education program.

I want to thank all APGNN Board Members. It has been a privilege working with them during the past two years. I further want to thank APGNN members as it has been an honor serving them.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emmala Ryan Shonce, FNP-C


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