APGNN History

1984 - NASPGHAN newsletter article to solicit interest of pediatric GI and Nutrition nurses in forming a professional support network. Forty-five responses were received.

1988 - NASPGHAN endorses the idea of a sister organization for pediatric GI and nutrition nurses. Six nurses were invited and attend the NASPGHAN meeting in Chicago, IL. The purpose of a nurse clinician affiliate group was discussed (NC-NASPGN) with the membership open to all nurses involved in pediatric GI/Nutrition and nursing participation in NASPGN meetings would be optimal.

1989 - (July) NASPGHAN subcommittee was formed to pursue the organization of a pediatric GI/Nutrition organization. Lead by Jay Perman (President NASPGHAN) and Claire Stackhouse, MSN. Initial officers were: Claire Stackhouse (chair), Marianne Buzby (co-chair), and Susan Peck (secretary/treasurer)

The Organization was named the Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Nurses (APGNN). The Mission was outlined:

Promote nursing research and education in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition. Establish standards of nursing practice. Create nursing network to enhance professionalism in the discipline. Support role development of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition nurses.

1989 - (October) first meeting of the APGNN. 25 nurses attended.

1996 - World Congress in Toulouise France – 3 APGNN members attended

2000 -World congress in Boston, MA – 3 day educational course for nurses planned and presented by APGNN 2003 – 14th annual education meeting.

2004 - World Congress in Paris, France; GERD symposium presented by APGNN Members,  3 Research Posters presented by APGNN Members

2005 - 15th annual education meeting Finding Solutions & celebration of APGNN existence

2006 - 16th  annual education meeting Searching for Evidence, Orlando, Florida2007- 17th annual education meeting Promoting Adherence, Salt Lake City, Utah

2008 -  World Congress in Brazil, attended by APGNN President

2008 - APGNN Board meets during first NASPGHAN/CDHNF Meeting in San Diego, CA during this World Congress year

2009- 18th annual education meeting Working Together: Collaborative Practice, National Harbor, MD.  20th Anniversary Celebration of APGNN

2010 - 19th annual education meeting, Future Trends: New Horizons, New Orleans, Louisiana

2011 - 20th annual education meeting, Building Strong Foundations, Orlando, Florida

2012 - 21st annual education meeting, Changing Face of Pediatric GI, Salt Lake City, Utah

2012 - World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, attended by APGNN President

2013 - 22nd annual education meeting, Chicago, Illinois

        2014         - 23rd annual education meeting, Atlanta, Georgia

2015 - 24th annual education meeting, Washington DC

2016 - World Congress in Montreal, Canada

2017 - 25th annual education meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada

2018 - 26th annual education meeting, Ft Lauderdale, FL

2019 - 27th annual education meeting, Chicago, Illinois

2020 - 28th annual education meeting (virtual) via NASPGHAN due to COVID-19 pandemic

2021 -29th annual education meeting (virtual) due to COVID-19 pandemic