Clinical Practice Committee Project

Welcome to the APGNN Clinical Practice Committee! 


Our committee has numerous ongoing projects aimed at improving the Clinical Practice of APGNN members. 

E- learning modules are available in the members only section for Continuing Education credit and include 2 inflammatory bowel disease modules, a reflux module, a constipation module and a Biliary Atresia Module.  Be on the look out for new modules on liver disease coming soon! 

Over the years, several phone triages for APGNN members to use with patients/families have been created. We try to add 1-2 additional triages each year, as appropriate. As information is ever changing, we are in the process of updating the telephone triages this year. Should you have suggestions for future phone triages, please contact the chairperson below. 

We encourage APGNN members to submit clinical vignettes. Clinical vignettes are the reporting of interesting cases that have a lesson to be learned. It could be an unusual presentation of a common disease or a case that suggests a different diagnostic strategy or demonstrates a more cost-effective approach to management. These clinical vignettes are presented in two arenas, the annual APGNN meeting and the newsletter. Along with NASPGHAN, committee members evaluate and select clinical vignette abstracts to be presented in poster form at the APGNN annual meeting. Starting in 2015, all abstracts were submitted through the NAPSGHAN website.  

APGNN publishes a quarterly newsletter; the committee actively encourages members to write a column for the newsletter with practice related items.

Last, but not least we are excited to be working on a joint venture between the APGNN Clinical Practice Committee and NASPGHAN Clinical Care and Quality Committee.  Boot Camp onboarding modules are being produced to help our APGNN members go from novice to expert in multiple diagnoses. 

The committee welcomes all members to get involved to expand our clinical expertise and accomplish the tasks in a timely manner.

 Please contact the Clinical Practice Committee Chairperson, Donna Garner at