Get Involved

Committee Member Guidelines

Are you interested in serving on an APGNN Committee? APGNN is always looking for motivated members to help on our committees.

All APGNN committee members interested in participating in 1 or more committees are volunteers and their willingness to volunteer and support APGNN is appreciated. All committee members must be a member in good standing with dues paid in full. We ask for a one-year commitment, with the option to continue for as long as you are interested! To receive an annual letter of participation for committee work, we ask that the following requirements be met each year.

  • Complete the “APGNN Committee Interest Form”, as included above, to confirm you are interested in joining and/or remaining on a committee for the upcoming year. Once completed, the Committee Chair will add you to the committee database and include you on all communications. If a current committee member does not renew the form, their name will be removed from the database. 
  • Attend committee meetings if able. If the member is unable to attend, please notify the committee chair in advance and review any minutes that are shared.
  • Respond to committee chair emails within 5 business days.
  • Volunteer to help with at least 1 project / task over the course of the year.
  • Meet the deadline agreed upon by the committee members.

In addition to the requirements above, we ask that active committee members commit the time and effort required for the committee, work collaboratively with other members, communicate effectively by email, participate in the development and execution of the committee action plans, and have a passion for the mission of APGNN!