Susan Moyer NASPGHAN Foundation Research Grant

Have you always wanted to conduct research but haven’t had the opportunity? Do you have a research question you want to answer? In this age of evidence-based practice we all encounter situations where questions arise – what’s the best way to care for this child and family? How can I best prepare them for this procedure? Is it better to use this technique or try something new?

The Susan Moyer NASPGHAN Foundation Research Grant honors the memory of Susan Moyer, MD who helped secure funding on behalf of nursing research. Grant funding ranges from $500-$5000 and will be awarded to fund a nursing research project related to the field of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, or Nutrition.

The NASPGHAN Foundation awards this research grant to APGNN Members to support nursing research efforts! To assure applicants have adequate support to conduct high quality research, applicants must identify a collaborating MD or PhD research partner. If an APGNN member cannot identify a research collaborator, the NASPGHAN research committee is willing to help! Please notify the APGNN Research Chair to help identify a NASPGHAN collaborator. This should be done at least 6 months before the submission is due to increase the quality of the application.

Highlights of the Grant Process:

  • Online applications will be accepted starting in the spring with a July 1st deadline
  • The applicant must be a full member of APGNN in good standing
  • Given the rigor of the application process and grant review, it is required that a PhD and/or MD is listed as a co-investigator for support. If you are unable to secure a co-investigator independently, the NASPGHAN Research Committee can assist by assigning you a mentor (please contact APGNN Research Chair for assistance)
  • The research must focus on nursing care of children and families with gastrointestinal concerns
  • The research project must be approved by the IRB in your institution
  • The winner will receive the award at the next APGNN meeting & will be expected to present their research at a future APGNN meeting
  • The grants range from $500 to $5000 and can be used in part for salary support
  • The grant is for one year and the researcher must plan to complete the project within that time
  • Grant awardees must present their findings at the APGNN annual meeting

Helpful tips when completing the Susan Moyer Grant Application:

  • Review “APGNN Grant Proposal Tips and Tricks” PowerPoint using the members only Professional Resources tab on the APGNN website 
  • For a QI project: Objectives/goals of the project are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound)
  • For a QI project: Create an AIM statement
  • Work closely with your physician or PhD mentor
  • Clearly express how you would use funding
  • Read through the application in its entirety and understand the grant terms and stipulations 

A full description of the award and application is available on the NASPGHAN Foundation website. For any questions or help securing a co-investigator, please contact APGNN Clinical Inquiry Chair, Jordan Trotter-Busing. Additional resources are available here.